Saturday, 11 May 2013

Coffee And Weed — Good For The Human Brain!

Coffee And Weed — Good For The Human Brain!
The young are strong, and things seem to heal much faster and easier for them. This new discovery will help to provide promise for the elderly and their more damaged brain tissue. This means, if you’re sixty or seventy, and are having some problems with mental decline – we now have a plant based mechanism that can target your problem area…at very, very, low doses. We’re talking about the equivalent of one hit off a marijuana joint, or rip (inhale) from a bong. Now this is something that’s likely to produce the euphoria of the high. But as scientists continue to experiment with the different cannabinoids, many believe that they might someday be able to get to the point where the marijuana doses are just strong enough to work on the brains inflammation and reduction; without the unwanted “high” associated with the plants THC cannabinoid.

…Coffee a  Neron-protective
As one who cannot… nor will not, leave the house before having a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, then waiting for the violent aftermath. I was pleased to learn , that not only is my wake and bake routine good for my soul; It’s also great for my mind. It turns out that having four to five cups of coffee a day in the morning, is not only good for getting rid of last night’s dinner; It also bathes your brain in the coffees chemicals which acts as a neuro-protective — it prevents the death of neurons whose death leads to Parkinson’s disease.