Wednesday, 23 October 2013


"The Jamaican Me Crazy Cocktail is a sweet tropical concoction that taste like a little slice of heaven." -


2 fluid ounces Simple Cannabis-Infused Dark Rum* 

1 fluid ounce Amaretto

3 fluid ounces coconut water, either plain or with pineapple

Ice cubes

Pot leaf for garnish (optional)

Combine rum, Amaretto, and coconut water in a shaker and strain over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a pot leaf and enjoy. It’s like a piƱa colada without 
the dairy.

* Use the Simple Cannabis-Infused Rum Recipe below and substitute dark rum like Gosling’s or Appleton Estate

Cannabis Infused Dark Rum


Dark rum

½ ounce of cannabis buds

Add the cannabis to a glass quart jar and fill with dark rum (or the liquor of your choice). Place jar in a cool, dry place, shaking every day. Do this for about four weeks. Strain well and keep jar in a cool, dry place.

Recipe from Natasha Lewin

Aside from being a pot smoker, I’m also a drinker, and with that comes my love of working in bars. It’s a great way to make new friends (and some extra money on the side). In 2010 I was nominated for Best Bartender in New York as part of a contest that pitted me against twelve other hardworking servers. 
Following an online vote, the top four, including myself, had to make our signature drinks for a panel of judges. I made my now-famous Jamaican Me Crazy and won—though I think it was the pot leaf garnish that really took the top prize. I’d never seen so many people posing for pictures with a drink before. I knew if I made it to the Final Four, winning the award would be a piece of space cake. I just didn’t know the leaf would be the celebrity in the room, not me. No complaints here, though. I’m totally open about my love of the green behind the bar. I wear pot-related T-shirts during my shift so that people know what method of relaxation I really prefer. Sure, I’ll serve you a drink, but in my opinion, what’s really going to chill you out after a long week is some sweet Mary Jane. So I try to subliminally insert my preference for pot in every drink I serve—with or without the pot leaf garnish. 
—Natasha Lewin

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