Saturday, 12 October 2013

Morocco: Exports of Hash Soar Sky High

From Marrakesh to the Riff Mountains – Moroccan hash has been a primary underpinning of the tiny West African nation’s economy for quite some time…at least until recently. This summer the Algerian government began cracking down along the Algeria – Morocco border, seizing more than 127 tons of highly sought after hash.

In their annual Roundup of the wretched, more than 12,500 suspected drug dealers were taken into custody along with a massive quantity of prescription pills. With a history of strained relations, going back to the 1963 sand war, Algeria most recently sealed their borders from Morocco in 1994, in a desperate attempt to restrict the flow of both cannabis-based products, as well as today’s modern mind-bending psychotropics.

After seizing 53 tons of the chronic Moroccan cash crop in 2011, then busting an additional 157 tons of Moroccan pot trying to make its way across the Algerian border in 2012 – Algeria has had enough. Miffed, Algerian officials have accused Morocco’s King Mohammed VI of flooding Algeria with Moroccan made hash…and have begged for it to stop;

“Your Majesty, you the so-called commander of the faith, stop flooding Arab and Muslim nations, from Mauritania and Algeria to Tunisia and Egypt, with tons of hash… Which is planted and harvested in your kingdom and with your consent.”

Adding insult to injury – the Algerian government then publicized the fact that Spanish custom officers had recently busted 18 tons of Moroccan hashish, as it was being smuggled through the port of Almeria. The “Moonlight,” a merchant ship of Syrian origin, was taken into custody along with it seven of its crewmembers after Algerian port officials discovered the Moroccan hash on board.

With Uruguay and America soon to be chasing her mantle of fame, Morocco is currently one of the world’s largest producers of marijuana – and cannabis related products. Boasting an annual harvest that exceeds 44,000 metric tons according to the most recent estimates provided by the United Nations.


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