Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Denver’s Recreational Dispensaries Have Officially Run Out of “Legal Weed”

As predicted, the recreational demand for legal weed severely outweighed the supply, and Denver’s dispensaries have consequentially begun to run out of recreational weed. It’s not, however, a “drought” and it’s not as dire or drastic a situation as the mainstream media will and has portrayed it as.

It’s a simple case of Denver having had only 12 recreational facilities to serve tens of thousands of customers during the city’s most historic time ever–which coincidentally happened to be the city’s (and state’s) busiest tourism time of year. A lot of people were here to ski, to see music, and of course, to buy weed.

And while legalization has already been a successful experiment on all accounts, 12 dispensaries aren’t ever going to be able to placate a state and nation that now thirsts to experience legal weed.

The good news is, as mentioned, it’s not really a drought. There’s still a plethora of medical marijuana in Denver’s medicinal clinics, as many of these shops that went recreational (like The Clinic) still have and sell medicinal weed. Aside from The Clinic, both Pueblo collectives and 3D in Denver told Time they’re perilously close to running out of weed (and probably have by now). Expect this to be the case for the majority of these shops, thanks to last weeks Green Rush that saw five hour waits and 70 dollar 1/8s flying off shelves.

So now, and it just had to happen, most of these recreational clubs (especially the ones still doing medical) have to wait for their recreational reinforcements before they can welcome back in recreational customers. And based on all accounts, it’ll be more like a day or two opposed to a week or two until they have the supply back in stock.

Within the next few weeks and months, the situation will be remedied–because it just has to. More shops will be opening in Denver (12 just isn’t enough and expect at least 50 by the summer), more weed will be grown, and the Colorado legal weed mania will (slightly) plateau. The biggest hurdle is the grow aspect.

Real estate to grow weed in still isn’t particularly easy to find, and launching a 1,000 light grow isn’t a cheap endeavor, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But the state and its dispensaries will adjust, the process will improve, the weed will still be here, and eventually, even the prices will go down!

In the mean time, stay up to date with the recreational shops and menus right here, as Weedmaps will show you the way to whatever good stuff is left.