Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Medical Marijuana Research And Uruguay: A New Hub For Biotechnology?

Heads up pot haters and medical marijuana detractors alike — the labs and research facilities that support the fast growing science and tireless research behind marijuana’s cannabioids - might be getting a new stable home – thanks to Uruguay. Labs that have been prohibited from doing life saving research on cannabinoids in their own country, want to fire up new labs in the tiny South American country of Uruguay. Hopefully, unlocking many of the potential hidden secrets within the plants active compounds.

Now leading the world on the topic of marijuana legalization, Uruguay’s congress recently agreed with it’s president – and fired up the globe’s first government backed marketplace for legal pot. Maintaining a tight grip on their new revenue source, the Uruguayan government will keep a close eye on all growers, sellers, and smokers.

Per ABC news; “Uruguay’s presidential spokesperson, Diego Canepa, noted Monday that foreign labs have told the government they’d like to set up there. Canepa is quoted by the local daily El Observador as saying that “Uruguay will become a hub for biotechnology.“

As a side note: Canada’s leaders have initiated talks with Uruguay about importing cannabis from Uruguay for Canadian medicinal needs.

While Uruguay’s marijuana law was not set up with the idea of exporting their Gov. grown weed, it might very well be allowed once the country’s politicians meet this coming April.