Thursday, 20 June 2013


Expocannabis 9th EDITION 2013
27 - 28 and 29 of September

Expocannabis will be an excellent show, dealing with a plant named cannabis, traditionally having medicinal values. The Spanish event will be held in its ninth edition, will educate the visitors about the applications of the medicinal plant. The visitors of the show will be able to buy the products and technologies related to the plant. The fair will be held over a period of three days. The show will be organized by Feria Del Canamo Sl, in a very efficient manner. The place, where the show will be held is Madrid. 
Expocannabis promises to be a leading show, where the products related to the sector will be efficiently marketed by the participants among the visitors. The participants will be able to network among the visitors effectively, which will develop their business.
Visitors' ProfileExpocannabis will be a comprehensively organized show, which will be visited by the ayurvedic and herbal medicine sellers, researchers, scientists, students etc. The common public and the key decision makers of the industry will also attend the show.
Exhibitors' ProfileBook a StallFind Suppliers in Spain Expocannabis will be a chief show, which will be participated by the growers, processors, manufacturers, dealers, companies etc, dealing with the cannabis plant products and technologies. The experts of the industry will participate in the show. The exhibits of the show will include new products, nutrient, seeds, growing product and paraphernalia product related to the industry.