Sunday, 9 June 2013

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AN adult industry lobby group says synthetic cannabis drugs should be legalised, tested and regulated to ensure the products are safe.

The call from Eros follows the death of Sydney teenager Henry Kwan who jumped off a balcony to his death after taking a synthetic hallucinogen.

Robbie Swan, coordinator of Eros, isn't suggesting there should be legalisation and regulation of such hallucinogens.

But he says Australia should follow New Zealand's lead to force manufacturers and distributors of synthetic cannabis products to submit their products for government testing for toxicity and safety.

"The government should then regulate them through a tightly controlled network of age-restricted premises with warnings on labels. And then after that, the government should put a tax on these products which should go to education and research," he told AAP.

He said without any testing, the synthetic hallucinogens, seemed too dangerous.

"They probably still should be tested. If they cause people to jump off buildings, well they clearly shouldn't be legalised. Nobody knows, that's the problem," he said.

"Politicians are really working the dark, the same as the public and indeed the people taking them."

Eros is traditionally associated with the X-rated adult DVD industry but some adult stores now sell various herbal drug products.

The organisation is proposing use of its hologram stickers on approved products and a code of practice for sale of what it calls "social tonics, erectile dysfunction and mood enhancing lifestyle products."

That includes selling only tested and approved products from age-restricted premises.

The NSW government last week announced it was moving to ban synthetic drugs following Henry's death.

NSW opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald supports the proposed ban saying it's the government's responsibility to make sure more people aren't harmed by the unregulated products.

"These drugs will kill young people if they take them," Dr McDonald told reporters on Saturday.

He said the campaign by Eros was a waste of money as the drugs were dangerous and should be outlawed.

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