Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rihanna boldly promotes legalising marijuana while smoking rolled-up cigarette and wearing customized veiled pink beanie

Rihanna has once again gone public about being in favour of legalizing marijuana.
The superstar - who had been performing in Ireland - posted a picture on Instagram which showed her smoking a rolled up cigarette with '#legalizeit' written below the image on Saturday.
And now she has moved on to Amsterdam where she posted new Twitter images holding two huge cigarettes that look like joints.

In Amsterdam: Rihanna posed with two suspicious looking rolled-up cigarettes on Saturday in Holland

 Ready to light: Rihanna gets ready to ignite some serious looking rolled-up cigarettes in Amsterdam

One reads: Where am I ??? At Heauxm !!! - while in the other she writes: I'm just a girl ...#Amsterdam.
The Umbrella singer has posted numerous images on social media of herself smoking suspicious looking cigarettes before but this is a clear indication on where she stands on the issue.
Dressed in a trendy white mermaid sweatshirt, baggy jeans with converse sneakers, the performer is also seen dripping in diamond jewellery.
Her heavily made-up face is hidden behind a veil attached to her customized pink beanie hat as she sits in what appears to be a hotel room alone.
In another image released on Twitter she blows some thick smoke from her mouth with the message:  Naked mermaid on my shirt #WAVES #silverspoonattire.

 Blowing smoke: Rihanna Tweets image of her smoking rolled-up cigarette

 Smoking gun: Rihanna posts Instagram message on Saturday backing legalizing marijuana

Face to face: Rihanna poses with her father Ronald Fenty after her concert in Dublin

Yet the superstar did show a gentler side to her personality when she posted an image sitting opposite her father Donald Fenty while writing: 'Pops giving me word last night #dublin'.
Rihanna is no stranger when it comes to controversy over pot smoking - back in April she celebrated 'US weed day' by posing with four girlfriends on bicycles.
As she sat beside her friends smoking another rolled up cigarette the Barbadian crooner wrote 'Our ~420 #clique' referring to the day which was founded by a group of High School students in 1971.

Mona Lisa smile: Rihanna smiled demurely as she held a pair of black Ray Ban sunglasses