Saturday, 31 August 2013

Maine Marijuana Poll Gives Voters Hope for 2016


It’s a bright new day for marijuana supporters in the state of Maine. Yesterday, a new poll was released indicating that the good people of Maine would rather legalize marijuana than not. The Public Policy Polling data indicates that of the nearly 1,000 registered Maine residents that were recently polled, 48% of the voters felt pot should be legal for adult use. Conversely only 39% were of the opinion that marijuana should remain illegal and punished accordingly. As is true with most polls – the devil’s in the details. Not surprisingly (this is America after all) – an astounding 14% claimed not to have an opinion…Or they were just too afraid to speak up (Shhh… the “cops” could be listening.)

Understanding that demographics play a large role in how people view marijuana, the poll demonstrated nearly every age group showed strong support for marijuana legalization, with the exception of those over 65, the fearful, and the brainwashed.

Respondents 18 – 29 cultivated the highest support, boasting a potent 54% support, slightly less elevated were those people between 30 – 45 who fired up a respectable 52%. Our middle aged group, those from 46 – 65 germinated a noteworthy 51% support.

Not surprisingly those subjected to the most propaganda – those over the age of 65 – were also the most hesitant, with 49% remaining paranoid, believing weed should remain illegal – 17% were unsure, and only 34% were down with making pot legal.

As to be expected, Democrats yielded the greatest support at 58%, with 14% uncertain. While 57% of Independents gave a ‘green thumbs’ up to the chronic idea. Of course, Republicans trailed the pack showing a paltry 25% support for common sense and marijuana legalization.

While Maine has contemplated this question before, only to be narrowly rejected – activists have announced plans to put a legalization initiative on Maine’s ballot for 2016.