Thursday, 8 August 2013

OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review


THC:22.33% CBD: 0.18% CBN 0.66%
CBC: 0.49% THCV: 0.27%

O.G. Kush Plant:
O.G. Kush is a marijuana strain that is primarily grown indoors and is considered a very potent hybrid cross between an Indica mother and a Sativa father. When cultivated, the buds come out very solid and range from a medium bud to large bud in terms of size. This plant has the tendency to produce popcorn nugs that usually have absolutely no stem whatsoever. Strains that do not usually produce a stem provide patients with an ultimate smoke because each nug is smoke worthy.

O.G. Kush Effects:
This strain has one listed effect that best explains what it is capable of producing: a one-hitter-quitter. This is a very potent strain that produces a punch that is not recommended for your average smoker. It has a full and permeating pine taste that is felt throughout the pallet and provides a very long lasting aftertaste to accompany a high that will have you out of this world.

O.G. Kush Uses:
This strain is a great alleviator of symptoms such as chronic pain, insomnia, glaucoma, attention deficit disorder, depression, frequent to constant migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, nausea and complications that are involved with AIDS and cancer.
O.G. Kush Cons:
Literally the only downside that has been reported from this strain, besides the commonly produced effects of dry eyes and dry mouth, would be that it is extremely potent and cannot be used as an everyday type smoke. It packs a potent punch that many may find had to tolerate.

This strain is one of the more potent strains that one could come across in pertinence to the "hybrid" category. Known to be a one-hitter-quitter for many, this strain looks amazing, smokes amazing and leaves patients feeling completely stoned after one single hit. Produces a very high yield and product that is easily worth the money it gets charged for. The name O.G. Kush is derived from its potency and actual price listing due to originating in the Hollyweed region.