Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Would you wear a perfume that smells like weed? The hip new fragrance being billed as a 'more palatable version of marijuana'

Indie perfumer Sanae Barber has created a new scent that smells like marijuana.

Ms Barber's company Sanae Intoxicants made the limited-edition blend for LA folk singer Josh Tillman, who performs as Father John Misty.

As the go-to perfumer of the indie rock world,The Cut reports that Ms Barber creates unisex scents to 'suit the free spirit of the modern, stylish hippie tribes of California'.

Ms Barber says that when she created 'Innocence by Misty', a soft scent with notes of orange blossom, she noticed that it reminded her of another natural product.

'I was immediately reminded of medicinal marijuana drops,' she tells the blog.

'I love the way that marijuana smells. I think weed tinctures are really lovely.' 

Her career as a perfumer happened somewhat by accident. Ms Barber explains that during a vacation to Santa Cruz, she was inspired to start blending.

After creating her first scent, Meadow Slumber, she was hooked.

She says people stopped her on the streets to ask what she was wearing - and if they could buy it from her.

As part of a new generation of indie perfumers, Ms Barber says she does everything herself, from hand-blending the scents and using natural oils to boxing and mailing.

She claims that her celebrity collaborations with Tillman and singer Bonnie Prince Billy 'came about just through partying'.

'I think of the scents themselves as songs and stories, and people will have their own experience with them,' she says.

'I think with any kind of scent it is related to drugs and getting high because it creates an experience.'

Innocence by Misty will is being released in a very limited edition of 300 bottles, and retails for $75


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2388198/Cannabis-perfume-Sanae-Intoxicants-palatable-version-marijuana.html