Thursday, 26 September 2013

At a Michigan Howard Johnson, Guests Can Smoke Marijuana Freely


When vacationing, it’s tough to quell the urge to get high. When staying at a Howard Johnson hotel, you better be high to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, in most parts of the countries, getting high in a hotel could get you locked up or hit with a hefty find–this author had this buzz kill occur in, of all cities, Miami (where cocaine flows like a river). Yes, in most cases (and in MMJ friendly states like Cali and Colorado), toweling your door or boofing it will keep the 5-0 off your trail and no one at the hotel will care if you’re getting high.

But it’s a stress no one on vacation (better yet, in life) even wants to remotely deal with. In Michigan, one wise, 83-year old owner of a Howard Johnson knows this better than anyone in the country and is catering his chain hotel to cannabis consumers:

Twenty rooms already have been renovated to accommodate smokers. And by the time Sullivan’s done, 60-80 of the hotel’s 155 rooms will allow smoking — accommodating medical marijuana patients as well as tobacco smokers.

Michigan legalized medical marijuana in 2008, and Grand Rapids decriminalized marijuana last year — making possession of a small amount a civil infraction, similar to a parking ticket.

Occupancy at the Howard Johnson “has seen an increase every weekend,” Sullivan said. “Every weekend, every one of those rooms is sold.”

Sullivan, who himself does not smoke cigarettes or marijuana even for medicinal use, estimates occupancy is up 50 percent since he started renovating the rooms.

Renovations have included opening each room up with sliding doors and installing a patio with a tall fence around it to provide privacy — “a little smoking area for each room right at the door,” Sullivan said. “Otherwise, people have to go outside the lobby doors.

“If you’re a marijuana smoker, it’s nice to have that privacy, wouldn’t you say so?” [Crains Detroit]

Damn straight.