Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Made These Things At least 50+ Times Now!

Things Needed:
- Gram Of Finely Ground Weed Or Keif
- Butter Knife
- Aluminum Foil
- Crackers
- Cooking Oil (Optional)
- Oven

1. Preheat Your Oven To EXACTLY 320F
2. (Optional Step) Put The Amount Of Nutella You Want To Spread On Your Crackers In A Bowl
And Pour About Half A Spoon Of Cooking Oil In The Nutella And Mix It All Up. If The Mixture Is To Viscous, Add More Nutella. 
3. Now Take Two Crackers And Spread The Nutella (Or Your Nutella Cooking Oil Mixture) Over One Side Of Each Cracker.
4. Now Spread The Weed Over Each Side Of The Nutella, The More Surface Area Of The Weed Touching The Nutella The Better
5. Now Place The Two Halves Together Like A Sandwhich.
6. Wrap A Few Times In Aluminum Foil And Make Sure There Are No Holes In The Foil
7. Place In The Oven For EXACTLY For 22 Minutes @ 320F
8. Unwrap And Eat.

1. Use Keif Instead Of Bud, Hella More Potent And Already A Powder.
2. Don’t Use To Much Cooking Oil Otherwise It Becomes To Viscous And Leakes All Over The Cracker
4. Don’t Smoke While Waiting For It To Kick In. Takes About 30mins - 60 Mins On An Empty Stomach.
5. Smoke After It’s Kicked In.
6. Barely Smells Like Weed When Cooking, More Of A Herby Chocolate Smell.