Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stoner Moves: Formula One Racing Team Apologizes for Marijuana Mishap with Mexican Flag

Regardless of whether they were dizzy from the adrenaline, or loopy from the high-octane fuel, the UK’s prestigious McLaren Formula One racing team has been forced to apologize to the Mexican government for flying the Mexican flag with a chronic addition – a pot leaf – above the teams merchandising stand at last weekend’s Grand Prix in Austin Texas.

Not amused by the modified flag, Mexican consulate workers initially noticed and reported the dope flag to the Grand Prix organizers.

McLaren then removed the modified Mexican flag, stating;“It was a regrettable incident and embarrassing for us.” The embarrassed team boss, Martin Whitmarsh continued; “The flag was not an official McLaren product as you might imagine. It was a third party sub-contractor from an agent so it was some distance from us. Lamenting the obvious, Whitmarsh noted; “A mistake was made. It caused some embarrassment, and we withdrew the products from the stands.

Embarrassed and embattled, the team boss refused to confirm the identity of the supplier, thought to be British with F1 links. As if embarrassment wasn’t enough for the British powerhouse racing team, after being called out for flying a national insult above their merchandising stand – McLaren had its ass handed to them by Red-Bull Renault, snuffing out McLarens most recent winning streak within the US Grand Prix circuit.