Thursday, 4 July 2013

Drug Policy Alliance Vs. DEA – The Great Debate: Ethan Nadelmann Blasts Marijuana Prohibition At The Aspen Institute

One of the primary driving forces behind today’s push for marijuana legalization in the United States comes from a somewhat unexpected individual – a fast speaking, intellectually astute offspring of a Rabbi.

Ethan Nadelmann, the executive director from the Drug Policy Alliance, took on Asa Hutchinson, a former Drug Enforcement Administration chief, in a recent debate about marijuana legalization, which occurred at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, on July 1, 2013.

Ethan’s arguments were short, sweet and to the point…

“I think arresting 750,000 people a year for marijuana possession is a terrible thing to do. I think giving millions of Americans a criminal record for simply having a joint is a ridiculous thing to do. I think having the marijuana business in the hands of organized criminals in Mexico makes no sense. I think forgoing the tax revenue makes no sense. I think people growing in the national forest makes no sense.”

For more than 20 years, Nathan has worked diligently at developing a broad-based coalition for the reform of America’s marijuana laws – a tactical vision that is both basic and philosophical. The struggle against tyrannical drug laws has little to do with protecting the dazed and confused…and their pot smoking cronies. Rather, this battle is a fight against federal overreach and the senseless human suffering perpetuated by the federal government’s war of ignorance.


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