Thursday, 18 July 2013

The HIGH TIMES Interview: President Vicente Fox

Mexico’s ex-president Vicente Fox, has been on a bit of media tour recently. Speaking highly of marijuana legalization to anyone that will listen. While it would’ve been convenient, and slightly more productive to have had this conversation while he was still the president of Mexico… Apparently hindsight provides 20/20 vision. After teaming up with ex-Microsoft CEO, Jamen Shively, to announce the formation of Mr. Shively’s new business venture known as Don Pellicer, Fox’s next stop on his marijuana legalization road tour was High Times Magazine, where he sat down and gave an interview, speaking to the need for both the US and Mexico to end their war against the cannabis plant and terminate the federal prohibition of marijuana.

Mr. Obama and company, when your own Partnership for a Drug-Free [sic] America is left little-to-do but inane surveys indicating that American parents do not want cannabis marketed to their children when it is legal and the former president of the country where America’s failed war on some drugs has caused the most social upheaval, street violence, political and law enforcement corruption…maybe you should start listening and acting upon their recommendations. source:
“The war on drugs conducted by Pres. Nixon 40 years ago has been a total failure, as well as the policy and the strategy followed by Presidente Calderon of Mexico, has also been a total failure. There’s no reduction in crime rates, no reduction the killings and the death, no reduction in consumption and the problem gets worse and worse each year.” ~ Vicente Fox