Sunday, 7 July 2013

Marijuana and Creativity: Does Weed Turbocharge Outside The Box Thinking?

Rarely these days do you get a clearly delineated line in science – particularly when viewed through the lens of propaganda. The mouthpieces for the environmental rape machine – big business, would have us believe that the environment is fine. “No need to panic about global warming”… and this silly notion that “ocean levels are getting higher,” …it’s ridiculous. Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

The argument surrounding marijuana’s net positive effect on creativity is no different. At least if you listen to the scientists who recite the cold hard data – but who’ve probably never smoked it.

In their limited and myopic study of 16 college kids, dosed with edibles containing approximately 0.3 mg of THC. Working under the assumption that amount was the average dosage of the psychoactive cannabinoids consumed during a given sitting. Dr. Jared R. Tinklenberg, from the Stanford University School of medicine concluded, “Marijuana did not enhance… Fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and uniqueness of creativity.”

Conversely… We have documented human history, which is rich with creative thinkers across a broad spectrum of disciplines, who say otherwise. That marijuana is indeed a Gateway… to creativity, insight, and acute pattern recognition, where life’s associative net truths become clear…an epiphany of interconnecting concepts.

From the beautiful mind that dared to roam the cosmos – Carl Sagan once famously spoke of marijuana’s ability to help mankind tap into

“the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”

Obviously, this was not a new concept at the time these words were uttered. But the simple fact that the likes of Mr. Sagan, Albert Einstein, William F Buckley, Louis Armstrong, Steve Jobs, Ted Turner, and a host of presidents throughout history have seen value in its contemplative value… Speaks volumes.

In this video, Jason Silva speaks about the beneficial nature of marijuana’s psychoactive cannabinoids, and their potential cause and effect within the realm of human creativity.

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