Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Study Proves Alcohol Is Worse For Teenage Brains Than Marijuana…Again

Alcohol kills, cannabis chills. Marijuana is medicine, alcohol is asinine. Yes, it’s a repetitive comparison, but it’s the truth. And truth will kill prohibition. While there’s an array of reasons that weed should be legalized, it’s logical and straightforward to boil it down to the simple fact: it’s much safer than its deadly, legal counterparts of alcohol and cigarettes.

So while it’s not the first study to laud marijuana as safer than alcohol, it’s another notch under Mary Jane’s belt that proves its superiority to the booze. And it’s worth repeating and sharing:

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of California found that cannabis use among those ages 16-20 over an 18 month period had a less negative effect on a teenager’s brain tissue than drinking alcohol.

For the study, researchers scanned the brains of 92 individuals ages 16-20, before and after an 18 month period. During the eighteen months, half of the teens used cannabis and alcohol in varying amounts, while the other half abstained or kept consumption minimal. Among those who consumed five or more drinks at least twice a week, researchers discovered reduced brain tissue health. Specifically, those consumption patterns compromised the integrity of white brain tissue in specific tracts, which could lead to declines in memory as well as decision-making ability. However, among those who used marijuana, there were no findings of ill effects on white tissue during the period of scanning.

In layman terms: liquor makes brain tissue sicker while cannabis makes it, well, it doesn’t hurt it. And we already know its array of curing powers. If you ask parents what they’d prefer: a child who burns one or a child who goes vertical with the bottle, it seems obvious that they’d choose the “stoner.” Unfortunately, marijuana’s status as a “threat” to society’s morals and the lack of education in non-MMJ, behind the curve states gets in the way of logic.

Efforts to remove marijuana’s classification as a Schedule 1 drug have picked up recently–and for due cause. The more studies like this, the harder it gets for the government to ignore the cold hard truth…While the Marijuana Majority gets stronger and stronger.