Saturday, 13 July 2013

Marijuana Stocks News & Marijuana May Help in Weight Loss.

Good News Watch: 
Marijuana Quietly Makes Further Progress (MJNA, CBIS & PHOT).
A quick mid-summer wrap-up of the news about medical marijuana and small cap marijuana stocks like Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA) and Cannabis Science Inc (CBIS) along with an indirect play called Growlife Inc (PHOT).

Summer time is always a little more laid back for the markets as there has been little recent direct news involving small cap marijuana stocks Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS: MJNA) and Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS: CBIS) along with a more indirect play on the sector called Growlife Inc (OTCBB: PHOT). With that said, there has still been a steady stream of good news for the marijuana or the medical marijuana industry that is bound to continue helping the small cap players in it:

Marijuana May Help in Weight Loss. Despite giving users the munchies, marijuana may actually make users thinner. According to a recent study published in May's Journal of American Medicine that examined its effect on metabolic processes, there may be a correlation between smaller waist circumference and marijuana use. The following infographic illustrates the results:

-- Medical Marijuana Push in Florida is Well Funded. Florida may become the first southern state to join the 19 states plus the District of Columbia which have approved medical marijuana. According to a Sarasota Herald-Tribune article, there is a well funded and well organized petition campaign to enshrine doctor-approved cannabis in the state's constitution.
-- Washington DC May Decriminalize Marijuana. A bill to decriminalize marijuana in Washington DC was just introduced by councilmember Tommy Wells. If the bill passes, anyone who is caught with less than one ounce of marijuana would be considered a civil offense and the perpetrator would be charged a $100 fine. Apparently, the bill came about after its supporters read an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report which found that the nation’s capital is number one in the country in terms of per capita arrests for marijuana possession.
-- Medical Marijuana Flourishes in Israel. Jewish magazine Tablet has an extensive article about how medical marijuana has become a $40-million-per-year industry while remaining illegal for recreational use. according to the Israeli Health Ministry, its prescribed to some 11,000 Israeli patients, up from 1,800 in 2009. An additional 11 doctors will be certified to prescribe cannabis, bringing the total number to 19 by the end of the year.
-- All’s Quiet With Marijuana Small Cap Stocks. Small cap Marijuana stocks Medical Marijuana Inc and Cannabis Science Inc, which are considered to be the most “legitimate” direct small cap marijuana stock plays, have been fairly quietly lately – no doubt because its summer. Medical Marijuana Inc, which aims to be the premier cannabis and hemp industry innovator, was spiking higher not that long ago – apparently on speculation of an uplisting to the OTCQX (which is the highest market tier on the over-the-counter market). Meanwhile and back in May, Cannabis Science Inc announced that Dr. Dorothy Bray has been appointed as the company’s CEO, by accepting two year management agreement with the Cannabis Science Inc.
-- Growlife Inc Keeps Growing. Growlife Inc, a provider of indoor growing technologies and unique lifestyle brands along with, an information portal for the medical marijuana industry, recently announced the opening of a new retail location in Plaistow, New Hampshire branded GrowLife Hydro. Growlife Inc has also announced an upward revision to its adjusted revenue guidance for the remainder of the fiscal with $760,709 in revenue being reported for the first quarter and $925,000 expected for the second quarter, $1,810,000 for the third and $1,955,000 for the fourth. The total annual revenue guidance would be $5,450,000 for the 2013 fiscal year. Finally, it should be mentioned that Growlife Inc has also announced the completion of the acquisition of Rocky Mountain Hydroponics, LLC, Evergreen Garden Center(s), LLC and on-line portal – making it the largest and most diversified conglomerate related to indoor gardening in the USA.

In other words, marijuana continues to move further into the mainstream or towards wider legalization.