Tuesday, 23 July 2013

That Time Mike Tyson Smoked Joints With Some Bros In Waikiki Beach

Mike Tyson has done a lot to repair his once chewed-up image. Sparked by his cameos in The Hangover, his cute infatuation with birds, and his well-received one-man Broadway show, Iron Mike has become both relevant and cool again.

But back in 2005, while he was still in Bolivia, comes the story of how he got faded in Waikiki Beach with a bunch of recent High School graduates. Via Reddit comes the tale of how Tyson toked with a bunch of teens, giving them the story of a lifetime:

Waikiki Beach. Summer of 2005. Just graduated high school. As a grad present, my parents let my best friend come with us to Hawaii. Coincidently, our best stoner friends from high school also went to Hawaii. Same island. Same time. Different hotels but no big deal. So we’re all walking around the International Market and all of a sudden my brother notices Mike Tyson in a candle shop! So we go meet him get a few photos and then we gather back together outside. After the excitement subdues, I ask my homies “hey, did you notice he smelled like dank?” They all agree. “We should ask him if he wants to smoke with us!” I exclaim. “Okay, but you do it. It was your idea.” Pussies. So I walk back up to him. “Yo, Mike!” He looks over at me. “You insert pinched fingers toke gesture??” “Yea yea,” he says. “You wanna come blaze with us?” I ask. “Yea. I can do that.”

Holy fuckin’ shit! So Mike then proceeds to start blowing off the group of tourists that noticed him after we did and starts following us about 6 blocks to our hotel room. Only stopping to flirt with a few hookers on the way.

While two of my boys start twisting up a blunt, he pulls out a “roach” the size of my thumb. Now, imagine him passing a blunt to you. Fucking insane! Put both of your fists beside each other. Now imagine a blunt in between them. That’s what I kept seeing every time he passed it to me. He could have knocked all of us out and jacked all of our shit but he was a really fuckin cool, chill dude and I feel kinda bad for sharing this story.

While it’s hearsay to speculate whether or not Tyson still medicates, his career and life are once again taking flight, as he recently secured his own promotion company. But if there’s one substance we’d recommend for the famously volatile character, the chilling cannabis would be the one.

And with the rise of marijuana into the mainstream, it wouldn’t be a bad move for Tyson to capitalize on this story and his celebrity by trademarking a strain of his own (which, ironically, already exists.)

Source-- http://www.marijuana.com/news/2013/07/that-time-mike-tyson-smoked-joints-with-some-bros-in-waikiki-beach/